Gastbeiträge · 09. Dezember 2019
GOLDEN BOX O BROKEN DREAMS I give you my tears, you turn them into diamonds. I give you my broken dreams, you turn them into rubies. I give you my fears, you make them a lion's roar. I give you my hands, and you hold them tight. God collects my tears. He took away my fears and turned them into diamonds and rubies. He saved them all in my golden box of broken dreams. I give you my heart, you hold it in the storm. I give you my life, and you give me peace. I give you my will, and you give me...
Gastbeiträge · 23. November 2019
Danke für dieses wunderschöne Cover, Vero! <3

Gastbeiträge · 19. Oktober 2019
The most beautiful happy-maker-song by my sister Veronica / Vero Deo Gloria!
Gastbeiträge · 15. Oktober 2019
Vero Deo Gloria - Laughing with (cover) Haters gonna hate. Just keep looking towards God.