October Ballad - Jüngste Version


I remember when I packed my suitcase

Until something inside told me I can't

I was scared of any changes ahead

Of embarking on different ways


And last year this time of year

I wasn't home for your birthday or mine

I wasn't home for our cat's funeral

I wonder where I'll be this time


And the one time Mum had to come

When I returned early from Paris

The fear of getting things wrong

Kept me from meeting the premise


I remember I thought I was done

Thought I was where I belong

Just to be surprised again

I had to leave and move on


Now it's this time of year again

I just don't seem to be getting closer

You have me start all over again

Where will I be this October?


Didn't think I'd ever wish upon a star

Or that I'd ever travel this far

Didn't think I'd fall in love over night

Didn't think all this could turn out alright


Would've thought that it would stop

I'm fighting for composure

Would've guessed I'd be grown up

One of these Octobers


God knows how tired we are now and then

With all those plans come and gone

But dearest, know that he don't send

A thing we couldn't build dreams upon


Now I'm still just trying to be patient

I'm waiting for disclosure

And even though I'm tired sometimes

I'm glad there are Octobers