never out of heart


Joyful spirits, thoughtful minds, 

strolling down memory lane. 

A moment's silence, funny lines-

it'll never be the same. 

   The chapter's written, on we go,

the last verse is bittersweet;

so many things said and unsaid,

and we'll remember, we'll forget.

   Life will grow on, life will change, 

that's just how it goes. 

But there are faces that will never fade,

printed in our souls. 


We don't know God's plans, 

except that they are good. 

And until we meet again, 

may he hold you in his hands. 


So, take care and see you around!

If we say goodbye, 

it's good only for a while. 

Every ending is just another start;

and we're out of sight but never out of heart.